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Gift Angel is the innovative digital wallet that helps gifters maximise their contributions to the charities of their choice. We accept micro donations, to help gifters spread their donations to multiple causes. It shouldn't cost a lot to make a difference.

How do I get started?

It’s simple!

Step 1: Download The App

Gift Angel is available on both Android and iPhone. Android users can download from Google Play and iPhone users should visit the App Store. Search for Gift Angel in the stores, on follow the links below to go straight to the download page.

Step 2: Create An Account and Add Funds

Simply decide how you want to add funds to your account:

- using a debit or credit card with Apple Pay on iPhone or Google Pay on Android devices;

- set up a Direct Debit (for either one-off or monthly donations);

- or arrange direct payments through your bank.

Claim an extra 25% to donate to good causes through the Government's Gift Aid scheme.

Step 3: Start Gifting!

You can donate as little as a penny, or as much as you like.


Whether your footprint is local or multinational; a little-known cause or household name - we’re here to help donors connect to you. Best of all, we wont charge you a penny!

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We want to help you do something amazing. With Gift Angel, you can fundraise for multiple charities, or let your friends and family choose to donate to the cause that means most to them.

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